Krynica Zdrój
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Krynica Zdrój city ​​and surroundings

Krynica Zdrój is a spa situated in Beskida Sądecka at 560-720 m above sea level among picturesque valleys. From North, East and West Krynica Zdrój is surrounded by afforested hills. Specific microclimate characterizes itself by significant differences of temperatures between day and night, lots of sunny days long-lasting snow layer (from the middle of November till the end of March). Those conditions as well as huge amount of ski-lifts and the most modern cable-car railway in Poland give a great opportunity to ski in the winter time. In the air you can feel aromatic oils, which might be helpful in treatment of some deceases. But the most precious natural resources are mineral waters. Krynica Zdrój is also well-known of Jan Kiepura’s festival. First mention of village Krynica is dated on 1547. In 1793 Austrian clerk Franciszek Stix von Saunbergen bought a plot with a mineral spring, carrying in mind an idea to set up a spa. First spa houses were built, but a real development started after 1856 thanks to Joseph Dietl’s activity. This development lasts till these days. Thanks to the cable-car railway, launched in 1997, Krynica Zdrój became a huge ski area.